The origin of truck races in Holland

In the beginning truck races were driven with everyday roadtruck. But great interest from viewers, organizers and track owners made the series developed rapidly. Now there are national and international competitions, with organizations, which mostly will confirm to the ??design of regulations from the FIA for this sport.
Truck Racing is a motor sport that has its origins in America. Participants often drove their truck and trailer to the event. The participant parked the trailer and just went racing, which mostly happened on a dirt track.

In the late 70s a number of Dutch fans decided to organize truck races in the Netherlands, however, on the paved road. In 1980, the first truck race event was a fact. In 1981, the Foundation Truck Racing Kracht Festival was established, which main role was to organize this event. This foundation was the first in Europe!

International competitions and organizations

The great interest of viewers made the sport popular and resulted in several competitions per year, international competitions and professional truck racing teams and drivers. Around that time the 24 Heures Camion in France (Le Mans) took place. Abroad more and more competitions were organized, as in England and Germany. It was therefore, the European Truck Racing Organisation in 1984 (ETRO) later renamed ETRA was established. The European Championship was guided for 10 years by this organization. Since 1994, the truckracing championship is hosted by the FIA ??and the ETRA is now a division of the FIA.

Mantorp Park 1985

Remember when... Barrat (26), Mantova (48), Zandbergen (41), Levett, Rangoni, van Koeveringe (42), Powell (8) and Maurice Monfrino

Truckrace teams



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