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Truckracing back in the Netherlands!

Why Dutch Truck Racing?
Dutch Truck Racing is a new organization whose goal is to organize truckraces and to promote the truck racing in general. Also, to support newly established and existing teams and if necessary assist and guide.

Who and what is Dutch Truck Racing?

To get truck racing back on track. Ron Gerritsma initiated meetings with the Dutch teams. Ron is familiar with the organization around truckracing, since he has done this for 5 years. After a long period of consultations and meetings the association Dutch Truck Racing was founded in Septembre 2016.
When some enthusiastic volunteers where found, the board of Dutch Truck Racing was elected.

Whos Dutch Truck Racing?

Management : Leon de Wit, John van Dieten, Jeroen Salverda & Ron Gerritsma
Members: All race teams, who enlisted
Volunteers and sponsors: where any association can not do without!

What is Truck racing?

Dutch Truck Racing is an association dedicated to its members. We want to organize truckraces for the teams and let everyone enjoy these mastodons of the road on the tracks. We work cost neutral and have no profit model.
The association Dutch Truck Racing can be followed on this website and also through social media including facebook.

Goal of Dutch Truck Racing

The aim of the association is to organize two races from 2017 at Circuit Park Zandvoort. These are the Easter races and the finale races in October. There are a lot of positive talks to get the racetrucks back to the program!
In the future we hope to organize more races on different circuits in the Netherlands and beyond. For example, Assen, Nrburgring (D) and Zolder (B). If possible, we want to invite foreign teams.
At the Truckstar Festival in Assen, the trucks will be present again. Here theyll display some spectacular demonstrations like:
- Pursuit
- Go and Stop + slalom
- DRAG & start
- Start-explosion

To promote the truck races of our association, we will be present at various fairs and events.

Promotion and program

Preliminary program 2017

- The Easter races Circuit Park Zandvoort on 15 & 16th of April 2017
- The Mittelrheincup at the Nurburgring on June 30th till July 1th 2017
- Truckstar festival in Assen 29 & 30th of July 30 2017
- Finale Races at Circuit Park Zandvoort in October 2017

Facts and figures raceprogram

- The Easter races and finale races are visited in October by +/- 15.000 20.000 visitors. It is held aside the Suzuki Swift Cup, Porsche Cup and many other attractive competitions
- The Mittelrheincup with 140.000-160.000 visitors, we are racing in the supporting program of the FIA European Truck Grand Prix.
- Truckstar festival, where 50.000 - 60.000 visitors attend, we organize various truckracing acts
Circuit Zolder in Belgium has around 70.000 - 80.000 visitors, and we race in the supporting program of the FIA truck Grand-Prix.
All racing teams have sponsor but by supporting our association Dutch Truck Racing, all racing teams will be supported!
Cost Display
A truck racing team needs a decent sponsorship budget, something they should regulate themselves. The teams will pay the registration fee for races themselves.

Circuit Costs may vary between 15.000,- and 22.000,-
These costs should be paid by the association, therefore we want to achieve a startgrid with 20 or more racetrucks. Only then the participation fee per team will be less.
We are looking for sponsors, who want to support the Dutch Truck Racing association, in order to organize and facilitate these truckraces.

We hope you got a good picture of this wonderful sport.
For questions and further information we will be happy to help.


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