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Cesky Trucker
Truckpromotion team Cesky
The promotion team of the Cesky Trucker was present, on Instagram you can find them: world_truck_racing_promotion. And Perry Supercars (on the left) our videospecialist.
Circuit Zolder 2018
Dutch Truck Racing Championship - September 2018 - Podium race 3
Dutch Truck Racing Championship
Podium Race 3

1. Stuart Oliver
2. Clemens Hecker
3. Cees Zandbergen
Circuit Zolder 2018
2.Stuart Oliver, 2.Martin Gibson, 3.Cees Zandbergen - Winner of truckrace 1 - Dutch Truck Racing
Dutch Truck Racing Championship
Podium Race 1 & 2

1. Stuart Oliver
2. Martin Gibson
3. Cees Zandbergen
Raceday 2 - Circuit Zolder
Startgrid Truckrace 3 - Dutch Truck Racing - 2018, Circuit Zolder
Despite an allnight hard work, the racetruck of Werner Lenz (SL Racing) was too damaged. All other participants entered the Timed Practice. In Race 3 Stuart Oliver was again a very powerfull opponent. Martin Gibson had some problems and had to enter the pit, but he could enter the final two rounds of the race. Cees Zandbergen(Rainbow Warrior) and Clemens Hecker used every inch of the track fighting for position 2. Winner:
1. Stuart Oliver
2. Clemens Hecker
3. Cees Zandbergen

Race 4 became a special race. This final race started in Reversed Grit. Stuart Oliver ploughed thru the racetrack and even lapped some participants. Cees Zandbergen racetruck had some issues and could not battle for the podium this time. Luke Garret, drove a very solid race en got an opportunity to climb the podium.
The race ended 2 rounds earlier, to honour the racing team of Ome Wout. During the outlap Jan van Holland was held behind for a brief moment. All other racetrucks parked on both sides at the finishline and so, give a tribute to the retirement of Jan van Holland as a racedriver. After 38 years the racingteam Ome Wout stops with truckracing. The racetruck will be stored in their private museum.

The final podiums and the scores in the championship will follow a.s.a.p.
Sebastien Delchambre
SD Truckracing - Sebastien Delchambre
Our Belgium participant turned out to be very populair at Circuit Zolder te zijn. Many Belgiums came esspacially to see Sebastien.
Race day 1 at circuit Zolder
Dutch Truck Racing - Circuit Zolder 2018
More at Facebook
After qualifying, the racetruck of SL Racing (Werner LEnz) was damaged to much. Hopefully he will attend the races at sunday. All teams are busy getting preperations one for qualifying and the races. Everybody is happy and the sun is showing off all weekender which is excellent!
Circuit Zolder has straight sections where the trucks will reach up to 160 km/hour, followed by some sharp curves who will be hard on the brakes. Nimda Kraal remebers this circuit, but ‘It has been a while’. Team Ome Wout has mixed feelings, They are preparing for qualifying, knowing it is for the last time, they will be present at a paddock.
There are 14 teams present and every inch is occupied at the paddock. From Engeland we present you: Luke Garret, Stuart Oliver and Martin Gibson. And present are Cees Zandbergen, Frans Smit, Rodi Smit, Jan van Holland, Nimda Kraal, Werner Lenz, Bjorn Tijhuis, Dirk Behnke and the Belgium driver Sebastien Delchambre. Unfortunately Racingteam van Drunen and John Powell had to cancel.

Race 1: During the first round the rubber tore off from the rightback wheel, but Ome Wout’s racetruck did not experience any trouble, so Jan kept racing. The 2 trucks of Oliver and Gibson are strong and they gained position 1 en 2. Third place is for Cees Zandbergen.
Race 2: Started with a reversed grit. The winners of race 1 start to work their way forward on the track. Many battles are seen in the midfield and Clemens Hecker challenges Zandbergen for 3rd and 4th place. But again Oliver, Gibson and Zandbergen stepped onto the podium.
Lets go to Zolder
Truckracen at Zolder (Be) - 15 & 16 september 2018
Truckstar 2018
Truckstar Festival 2018
RTV Drenthe report
Drag & Start:

1. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
2. Werner Lenz
3. Frans Smit
Truckstar 2018
Truckstar Festival 2018

1. Werner Lenz
2. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
3. Clemens Hecker.
Truckstar 2018
Go & Stop

1. Nimda Kraal
2. Werner Lenz
3. Bjorn Tijhuis.
Next weekend: Truckstar Festival 2018

RTV Drenthe report
Het jaarlijkse Truckstar festival is dit jaar op 28 & 29 Juli. Naast alle overige trucks, zullen ook de racetrucks zich weer laten zien tijdens de Dragstart, Slalom en Go & Stop en de achtervolging. Spektakel genoeg dus!
ADAC Mittelrhein Cup 2018
Nurburgring 2019
It was a very sunny weekender during the ADAC Mittelrhein Cup at the Nürburgring. Such a nice event is worth visiting. Next year’s dates are already published: 19, 20 and 21 juli 2019. For more info, check: ADAC Mittelrhein Cup 2019
Our teams attend the Nürburgring
Truck Grand Prix (D) - 29 juni t/m 1juli 2018
At 29 & 30 June and 1 July, teams from Dutch Truck Racing will participate in the ADAC Mittelrhein Cup, which will be held during the 3 days at the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany. This well visited festival offers a busy programme with truckraces, and many extra’s like band performances and a excellent firework spectacle as the closing event at sundaynight.
More information can be found at the Truck Grand Prix Website. Information about tickets can be found at the site of the Nürburgring

Rainbow Warrior Truck Racing, Racing Team Ome Wout, Blackjack Truckracing, EK Truck Racing, The Flying Dutchman & Hecker Racing all confirmed to be present for the de ADAC Mittelrhein Cup.

Rain, rain, and more ... rain
Regenraces op Zandvoort voor Dutch Truck Racing
The Dutch Truck Racing Championship could not start worse for drivers and teams. This is communicated by the Spanish site And they are right about one thing. We had an immens amount of rain during The Trophy of the Dunes!
Results in the Championship
Winner of the first raceweekend Dutch Truck Racing 2018: Erwin Kleinnagelvoort, Ray Coleman & Cees Zandbergen
Positions in the championship
All points are counted from the first raceweekender of our championship 2018.
The highest scores are held by

number 1: Ray Coleman with LRS Racing: 120 points
2nd is Erwin Kleinnagelvoort with EK Racing: 116 points
3rd is Cees Zandbergen with Rainbow Warrior Racing: 101 points

You can view all participants and their scores at:
4th race ends behind safetytruck
Due to the rain, the final race ended behind the pacetruck. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort overtook ray Colema’s first position and was quickly followed by Cees Zandbergen and WErner Lenz. Becaus one contestant got off track the safetytruck had to enter the track. There was not enough time left to restart this race, so the named above got the first positions.

Footage in the video are from race 2
Highway advertisement
We made a huge promotion for The Trophy of the Dunes.
The Racing Teams
Testing day at Zandvoort 2018
compilationphoto testday 2018 with racetrucks at Zandvoort
Before the races of april there have been tests, measuring the soundlevels of a racetruck at circuit Zandvoort. Goal is to keep them below 95 db
Soundlevel testing with racetrucks
28-03-2018 | For Truckraceteam Flying Dutchman and Clemens Hecker it was a possibility to test their racetrucks, and Cees Zandbergen with Frans Smit used the time to find all quirks in the racetruck of Rainbow Warrior Truck Racing. The morning was used to measure and possibly adjust the sound level. Objective: to be well below 95dB. This was achieved by adjusting the position of the exhaust or by fitting a damper. Racing Team Ome Wout gets a big compliment! Because of their efforts (contrary to everyone’s expectations), their Detroit Diesel had the lowest sound level.
View racing timing

Live timing - Race results
You can view the race timings, details of the Trophy of the Dunes at:
Racetruck Clemens Hecker
Scania racetruck - Clemens Hecker
A new MAN racetruck of Clemens Hecker. All ready to go racing!
Racetruck Flying Dutchman
Racetruck from The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman crew worked hard and are showing their racetruck, all ready for the upcoming races at Zandvoort.
Nimda Kraal is back!
Nimda Kraal buys racetruck from Marco Donk
Nimda Kraal has bought the racetruck from Marco Donk. Nimda’s intention is to participate in the championship in the second part of 2018. First the Kraal Racing team want to get the racetruck ready as they like it to be. Nimda is a familiar face on the track. He participated earlier in many racing events.
Dutch Media

Online news - Alkmaars Dagblad
A nice article about the Trophy of the Dunes. The main event, in which Dutch Truck Racing will take part on 28 & 29 of April
Poster Dutch Truck Racing

A3-Poster 28 & 29 April 2018
Save, share, send and tell all your friends! Soon on Zandvoort again; battling racetrucks, who are gaining points for the Dutch Truck Racing championship and aboce all, enjoy racing!
Video of final races of 2017
No first race due to crash Werner Lenz
The qualifying was a slippery circuit due to the heavy rain shower. A number of race trucks ended up in the gravel. Some of them managed to escape it. Fortunately, there was enough time for the first race to carry out the necessary repairs. At 16:10 the race started behind the pacetruck of Krommenhoek, but it went wrong after the Tarzan corner. 3 trucks side by side, pushing and pulling a bit, and Werner Lenz got unlucky. Because of his speed he rolled to his side. Because of safety issue, the rest of the race was driven behind the pacetruck. Werner Lenz expects to appear on the starting grid tomorrow.
Blackjack Truckracing is back!
Black Jack Truckracing - Scania racetruck
The Black Jack Truck Racing Team is back and will race with a Scania. The team bought this nice racetruck from Clemens Hecker. The team is always very competitive, so we are very excited to see what 2018 will do for Rody Smit and their new racetruck.
Dirk Behnke
Dirck Behnke - official member of Dutch Truck Racing
Participating raceteams
During the final races at Zandvoort, we watched Dirk as an impressive racer, doing pretty good during the first race. Since Werner’s truck broke down and he was racing for the Championship, Dirk stepped out the green Mercedes. This year we are goin’ to see more of Dirk, since he enlisted as an official Dutch Truck Racing member.
Compilation final race of 2017
The homevideo shows a short compilation of the final race of 2017. For 2018 the calendar is out, so keep an eye out for more news from Dutch Truck Racing
ADAC Mittelrhein Cup
Mittelrhein Cup - Truck racing 2017
Calendar 2018
Just one week and the ADAC Mittelrhein Cup 2018 will start. This year Dutch Truck Racing Association will be presented by some boardmembers and our members, the raceteams!
Dutch Media 2017
Truckracing finale 2017 - Zandvoort
Dutch racefanatics and websites wrote some nice articles about the finale races of our Championship. Since it is in Dutch....
The champions of 2017 !!!
Champions of 2017 - Cees Zandbergen, Frans Smit en Werner Lenz
Final results for the Championship 2017
We congratulate Cees Zandbergen and the Rainbow Warrior Truck Racing team as the winner of the 2017 Dutch Truck Racing Championship.

The second place winner is Frans Smit. And on third is Werner Lenz.
Impressive pacetruck of Krommenhoek
Pacetruck from Krommenhoek
This very high yellow Scania led the entire field around the track on Zandvoort 2018. What an impressive truck!
Krommenhoek is our mainsponsor 2018
Krommenhoek family and the board of Dutch Truck Racing
Great news! With pride and pleasure we announce that Krommenhoek is our main sponsor again for 2018!
Results sunday 8-10-2017
Race 4 - 08-10-2017 - Dutch Truck Racing
Race 3:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Werner Lenz

Race 4:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Werner Lenz
Results sat. october 7-10-2017
Dutch Truck Racing winners race 07-10-2017
Race 1:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Clemens Hecker

Race 2:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Ferry van Drunen
New contestant Hecker
Racetruck Scania
Some people already have seen the new contestant Clemens Hecker in his Scania racetruck at the Nürburgring and/or Assen. This racetruck was previously of Mikael Johansson. Will Clemens and this truck gain prices at Zandvoort?
Racetrucks at Assen
Video impression of the Truckrace Pursuit at the Truckstar Festival
Flying Dutchman
Volvo F12 racetruck
Rodi Smit (Blackjack Truckracing) stops truckracing (for the time being). He has sold the Volvo F12 to Willem Breedijk. With the new Truckracingteam Flying Dutchman, the Volvo will attend the final races of 7 & 8 october at Zandvoort.
It was another great event!
On stage - truckracers - Truckstar Festival 2017
Report by Truckstar
The results of various truckevents this weekend. The racetrucks were present at 3 special events during the Truckstar Festival. Go & Stop:
1. Frans Smit
2. Marco Donk
3. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort

Truck Pursuit:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Rian van Koeveringe

Racetrucks Drag & Start Explosion
1. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
2. Cees Zandbergen
3. Ferry van Drunen

We were at TT Assen
Dutch Truck Racing billboard
You can&rsqou;t miss this! Billboard about our Dutch Truck Racing Championship finale 2017 at 7th & 8th of October at Zandvoort.
Truckstar Festival 2017
Truck pyramide
Truckstar Festival 2017
First display of trucks is ready for tomorrow. It’s a beautifull site!
Truckstar Festival 2017
And this year again, the racetrucks, the truckracing teams, family, friends and fans will be present at the very populair Truckstar Festival, which is held at the TT Assen Circuit. It is the time again for this full packed festival for every trucker, family and friends. This major event is held on 29th and 30th of July. More information can be found at the Truckstar Festival website!
Scoreboard after Easter
Werner Lenz, Cees Zandbergen and Erwin Kleinnagelvoort, winner of the 2017 Easter Races
Provisional scoreboard
The scores of the Easter Reaces can be viewed in pdf.
Sun and rain created a beautifull championship
Rain during truckrac
First we want to congratulate Björn Tijhuis, Ferry van Drunen and Sébastien Lechambre with their first official entry in truckracing. Björn has obtained his driverslicense in januari, but is a wellknown driver at the Truckstar festival. The teams have worked very hard to get everything in order for the Easter Races which resulted in a nice line-up.

After the testday on friday, the teams were able to tune their trucks if needed. So on saturday they could start with confidence on their qualifying laps to gain a good position for the first race.

The formationlap for first race was opened bij the pace-truck of the Vlastuin truckbilding. After the red lights went out nice battles were seen like for 2nd and 3rd positon, between Erwin Kleinnagelvoort and Cees Zandbergen. Jan van Holland and Rian van Koeveringe were also close, battling for their points and position. Every time on the straight end before the Tarzan-curve Rian had to work hard to keep Jan beside, but preferably behind him. A special mention for Sébastien Delchambre for getting every round a better result with his rented racetruck.

Race 2 and 3 on sunday was opened with the very nice Scania - S, pace-truck of our main sponsor Krommenhoek on a wet track. Race 2 gave quite a spectacle because of rainshowers, which made it difficult to keep the racetruck between the lines. Some contestants, like Frans Smit, Marco Donk, Björn Tijhuis, Rian van Koeveringe and Cees Zandbergen had to work real hard to get their times within acceptable limits, after they inspected the gravel next to track.

Werner Lenz held a firm grip on first postion with his powerfull truck, but had to keep an eye out for Erwin Kleinnagelvoort and Cees Zandbergen.

During race 3 the drivers were a bit more adjusted to race the wet track. At the start of the race Cees Zandbergen kept Werner Lenz behind him, but eventually he had to settle for second position. Frans Smit did a great job, by overtaking several competitors. Rian van Koeveringe and Ferry van Drunen kept changing postion with each other during the whole race. Multiple drive-through penalty’s ware given due to racing over the lines and some were drivng a little too fast. This made racecontrol end the race 5 minutes early. Secondly because this action, Frans Smit gained first position.

The first podium of the Dutch Truck Racing Championship 2017 is:
1. Werner Lenz
2. Cees Zandbergen
3. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort

We like to thank all drivers and teams for a great racing weekender.
All this was made possible by our sponsors, our crew and the assistance of circuit Zandvoort, the marshalls and all employees.
Video’s Paasraces 2017
Truckracing 16-04-2017 - Dutch Truck Racing Championship
Go to You Tube
We’ve received some vids, which we placed on our You Tube channel. Soon we will get a great vid from Altacamera, who made some beautifull shots with a drone!
Truckracing on regional TV

Provisional scoreboard of the teams
Missed our Easterraces? Don’t worry, just write the next dates in your calendar: Octobre 7th & 8th, 2017 we will be present at circuit Zandvoort again!
Eastern Races of 2017

Results per team after the easter races
We like to thank all teams and drivers for a very nice racing weekender. The Easter races were made possible because of our mainsponsor Krommenhoek and all sponsors. And the coöperation with circuit Zandvoort, marshalls and employees.

Easter Races reviewed
You can find out more on our facebook page.
First podium 2017
First Dutch Truck Racing podium 2017 - with Werner Lenz, Erwin Kleinnagelvoort and Cees Zandbergen
At the windy but sunny cicuit of Zandvoort today, 15th of April 2017, the first official race is held. Winnars are 1. Werner Lenz, 2.Erwin Kleinnagelvoort and 3. Cees Zandbergen. Fastest lap by Erwin with a timing of 2.22.069 at the 4320 mtr circuit.
Poster Easter races
Poster Easterraces 2017 - Dutch Truck Racing
Check out our flyer
The Easter races! The first raceweekend for the Dutch Truck Racing Championship. On Saturday, April 15th and Sunday, April 16th - 2017 at the Circuit Park Zandvoort. The timetable is not yet known, but from 9:00 all teams will be ready for training and qualifiying. Keep an eye out on this website for more information later!
The promotion team
Ron, John and Leon; boardmembers on promotional tour
Do you want to be a clubmember?
The promo team was represented by Ron, John and Leon (from left to right). They informed the people about truckracing and Dutch Truck Racing association. In the background some videos of truck races played in which our members were represented. One old movie from 1982 was played form the festival at Zandvoort, where Olaf Mol (a famous dutch racesports reporter)in his early years could be heard. This appealed to many people.

The explanation of CLUB 100 was well received, and we welcome some people as new clubmembers.
The next Dutch Truck Racing presentation is December 17th and 18th 2016 at the Mega Truck Festival(Den Bosch).
We hope to see you there and to welcome you as a member.
Racetrucks Team Lenz at the Racing Days
Werner Lenz at the  Racing Days to promote Dutch Truck Racing
When Werner Lenz not with one but with two race trucks drove up, the team was complete. Son Sasha’s racing truck was neatly placed next to our unit and people could take a look, and if possible sit down behind the wheel.
Werner drove his racetruck around in the demo hall, on both days and the audience really enjoyed it. He even made a donut!
The first promotional weekend of DTR
After establishment of the association in September it was time to tell what our objectives are. Since the website, banners, flyers and press releases are ready, it’s time for our first public promotion, during the Racing Days in the MECC in Maastricht.
By providing the promo stand Kleijn Trucks, and transport by Leon de Wit, our promo-booth was quickly in place.
Mega Trucks Festival
Dutch Truck Racing at the Mega Trucks Festival
We have spoken to many people during the promotional weekend in Den Bosch. Another successful event, where we were able to bring truck racing into the spotlights.
Main sponsor Krommenhoek
Main sponsor Krommenhoek
Krommenhoek - Used equipment & machinery
Our main sponsor Krommenhoek attended the Truckstar Festival
Brands Hatch 11 - 2016 - Race 3
The Dutch Donkey - Brands Hatch - nov. 2016
B Class / Division 3
Race 3:
1. Frans Smit
2. Mika Makinen
3.Ryan Colson
9. Marco Donk
Rody Smit - no finish
Brands Hatch nov. 2016 - Race 2
Frans Smit - Truckracing Brands Hatch (nov. 2016)
B Class / Division 2
Race 2:
1. Frans Smit
2. Paul McCumisky
3. Rody Smit
6. Marco Donk
Brands Hatch nov. 2016
Rody Smit at Brands Hatch
B Class / Division 2
Race 1:
1. Mika Makinen
2. Rody Smit
3. Frans Smit
5. Marco Donk
Truckracen back in the Netherlands!
Truckraces op Zandvoort
If you like more information, you can contact us
It’s been quiet around the racing trucks on Dutch circuits. Since the truck racing teams want to drive the Dutch circuits a solution was needed. Ron Gerritsma was approached for this. Considering he has been a coordinator truckraces for 5 years, has built up a large network, he turned out to be the right person. After a long period consulting with the teams, seeking enthusiastic volunteers, the association Dutch Truck Racing (DTR) was founded in September 2016.

The goal of the association is to organize truck races in 2017, during major events at Circuit Park Zandvoort and possibly other circuits in the future. Through participation of the teams, truckraces will be back and provide a spectacle for a broad audience during a race weekend!

The regulations of Dutch Truck Racing are derived from the European FIA regulations and filed at the KNAF. Therefore it is an open championship, organized by Dutch Truck Racing, open to all truck racing teams, dutch and abroad!

Without sponsorship, it is very difficult to finance these races. Therefore we ask enthusiasts and interested parties, to help funding with a financial contribution. A nice way is to help is, to become a supporter of Dutch Truck Racing CLUB 100.

At this moment we are busy with the calendar for 2017, where some great races and activities are planned like the Easter races at Zandvoort April 15th and 16th, the program for the Mittelrhein cup at the Nurburgring and the final races at Zandvoort.

If you’re curious about the members of the association and their raetrucks, please check this website (, here we present more information about our participants. You can find all latest news and interests at our Facebook page.
DAF racetruck at the Racing Expo
DAF racetruck - Dutch Truck Racing at the Racing Expo
At 28 & 29th of Januar, the stand of the Dutch Truck Racing is at WTC Leeuwarden, during the Racing Expo days. We can tell and show you a lot truck racing.

Truck Racing returned to the Netherlands!
It’s been quiet about truck racing in the Netherlands. Given the truck racing teams like to keep racing at the Dutch circuit, and also in the future if possible also international, we have searched for a solution. Let us tell you about our plans.
Poster Easter Races

Order E-tickets at CPZ
All preperations are ongoing, we intend to make it a great weekender!
Nürburgring 2016
B-Class winners - Truckrace Nürburgring 2016
Brands Hatch - British Truck Racing Championship
1. Rody Smit
2. Frans Smit
3. Adam Bint

1. Frans Smit
2. Rody Smit
3. Marco Donk

01-09-2016 | Official establishment
The association Dutch Truck Racing was officially established on September 1, 2016. Leon de Wit and Ron Gerritsma signed for the club statutes, which are deposited with the notary.
Race results monitoring
The Truckracebattle 2015
At the website you can view the results during or after a race event. The last recorded truck race at Zandvoort was the Easter races with the Truck Race Battle in 2015. There you can see a PDF or download to see how the participants brought it from there then.

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