The champions of 2017 !!!

We congratulate Cees Zandbergen and the Rainbow Warrior Truck Racing team as the winner of the 2017 Dutch Truck Racing Championship.

The second place winner is Frans Smit. And on third is Werner Lenz.

Final results for the Championship 2017
Mainsponsor of Dutch Truck Racing: Krommenhoek, equipment & machinery


Impressive pacetruck of Krommenhoek

Pacetruck from Krommenhoek

This very high yellow Scania led the entire field around the track. What an impressive truck!

Krommenhoek stays our sponsor in 2018

Krommenhoek family and the board of Dutch Truck Racing

A load cheering was heard on saturday from the pubtrailer on the paddock when Ruud Krommenhoek and his son Martijn announced to be the main sponsor for Dutch Truck Racing next year. And as a bonus Korenblik Trucks will also participate as a sponsor.

Results sunday oct. 8th

Race 4 - 08-10-2017 - Dutch Truck Racing

Race 3:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Werner Lenz

Race 4:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Werner Lenz

Results sat. october 7th

Dutch Truck Racing winners race 07-10-2017

Race 1:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Clemens Hecker

Race 2:
1. Cees Zandbergen
2. Frans Smit
3. Ferry van Drunen

New contestant Hecker

Racetruck Scania

Some people already have seen the new contestant Clemens Hecker in his Scania racetruck at the Nürburgring and/or Assen. This racetruck was previously of Mikael Johansson. Will Clemens and this truck gain prices at Zandvoort?

Flying Dutchman

Volvo F12 racetruck

Rodi Smit (Blackjack Truckracing) stops truckracing (for the time being). He has sold the Volvo F12 to Willem Breedijk. With the new Truckracingteam Flying Dutchman, the Volvo will attend the final races of 7 & 8 october at Zandvoort.

Truck Race fans can help

Too bad, if there would be no longer truckraces held on the dutch tracks. To organize and paying for tracktime is not cheap! But you can help Dutch Truck Racing! Become a Friend of Dutch Truck Racing for € 50.00 a year and get 50% discount on one ticket per raceweekend! Become a member of our Club 100, and you will get 50% discount on two tickets per raceweekend, and your name will be displayed on our special CLUB 100 page!
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