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Teams/drivers can sign up for the races at Circuit Zolder, on Sat. 15 & Sun. 16 September 2018 online!
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Mainsponsor of Dutch Truck Racing: Krommenhoek, equipment & machinery

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Dutch Truck Racing


Lets go to Zolder

Truckracen at Zolder (Be) - 15 & 16 september 2018

Truckstar 2018

Truckstar Festival 2018

Drag & Start:

1. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
2. Werner Lenz
3. Frans Smit

Truckstar 2018

Truckstar Festival 2018


1. Werner Lenz
2. Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
3. Clemens Hecker.

Truckstar 2018

Go & Stop

1. Nimda Kraal
2. Werner Lenz
3. Bjorn Tijhuis.

Dirk Behnke

Dirck Behnke - official member of Dutch Truck Racing

During the final races at Zandvoort, we watched Dirk as an impressive racer, doing pretty good during the first race. Since Werner’s truck broke down and he was racing for the Championship, Dirk stepped out the green Mercedes. This year we are goin’ to see more of Dirk, since he enlisted as an official Dutch Truck Racing member.

Impressive pacetruck of Krommenhoek

Pacetruck from Krommenhoek

This very high yellow Scania led the entire field around the track. What an impressive truck!

Krommenhoek stays our sponsor in 2018

Krommenhoek family and the board of Dutch Truck Racing

A load cheering was heard on saturday from the pubtrailer on the paddock when Ruud Krommenhoek and his son Martijn announced to be the main sponsor for Dutch Truck Racing next year. And as a bonus Korenblik Trucks will also participate as a sponsor.

ADAC Mittelrhein Cup 2018

It was a very sunny weekender during the ADAC Mittelrhein Cup at the Nürburgring. Such a nice event is worth visiting. Next year’s dates are already published: 19, 20 and 21 juli 2019. For more info, check: ADAC Mittelrhein Cup 2019

Results in the Championship

All points are counted from the first raceweekender of our championship 2018.
The highest scores are held by

number 1: Ray Coleman with LRS Racing: 120 points
2nd is Erwin Kleinnagelvoort with EK Racing: 116 points
3rd is Cees Zandbergen with Rainbow Warrior Racing: 101 points

You can view all participants and their scores at:
Positions in the championship

Compilation final race of 2017

The homevideo shows a short compilation of the final race of 2017. For 2018 the calendar is out, so keep an eye out for more news from Dutch Truck Racing

The racing season 2018

The Dutch Truck Racing calendar for 2018 is out!
The first truckraces in 2018 for the Dutch Truck Racing Championship will be held at Circuit Zandvoort. the dates are 28 & 29 April
PDF poster-kalender 2018

Calendar 2018

Truck Race fans can help

Too bad, if there would be no longer truckraces held on the dutch tracks. To organize and paying for tracktime is not cheap! But you can help Dutch Truck Racing! Become a Friend of Dutch Truck Racing for € 50.00 a year and get 50% discount on one ticket per raceweekend! Become a member of our Club 100, and you will get 50% discount on two tickets per raceweekend, and your name will be displayed on our special CLUB 100 page!
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